We also sell Raw Materials for SOAP MAKING, CHOCOLATE MAKING, SKIN CARE COSMETIC MAKING and CANDLE MAKING. Craft Tree Academy | Best Soap, Cosmetic and Chocolate Making Classes
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We at CRAFT TREE ACADEMY offer you the opportunity to not only learn but turn your dreams into reality. The crafts that you learn here are not only useful for your everyday needs but can also be converted into a profession. If you thought that starting your own business is very costly or difficult then Craft Tree Academy is the right place for you as we can teach you how to lower your costs and start your business from your own kitchen. Use your God gifted talents and put them to achieve your dreams. You can start your own business from the comfort of your home in a very low budget.

Nisha-Chopra craft tree academy

Chief Executive Officer( CEO )

God has gifted all of us with talents. If you have dreams to use your talent and achieve big, we are there to make your dreams come true.

Our Courses

We offer courses which are not only unique but also have a great business prospect.

The courses like SOAP MAKING, COSMETICS MAKING , BEAN 2 BAR etc. are unconventional and also help you explore the creativity inside you. Whereas courses such as DETERGENT MAKING , PHENYLE MAKING , SOAP BASE MAKING , SKINCARE PRODUCT MAKING etc. have a great industrial scope and business scalability. Through these courses we give you the opportunity to make money by doing something which is interesting and innovating.

chocolate making classes in delhi

Chocolate Making

Chocolate Making Classes conducted by us are in those timings which are comfortable for all.


When you register for the soap making course, you will get a complete guide to turn your passion.

Color Cosmetics

Making your own makeup products is fun and fascinating. There are many many different colors.

Skin Care Cosmetics

Skincare is the range of practices that supports skin integrity, enhances its appearance and relieves skin.

Candle Making

Candle making is an excellent way to learn about the different types of candle waxes.

home care products making classes

Home Care Products

At Craft Tree Academy we offer comprehensive knowledge about all the ingredients required for making all types of home care products

CRAFT TREE ACADEMY | Best Soap, Cosmetic and Chocolate making classes in Delhi

 If you want to become your own boss and work from the comfort of your home, then you must learn the techniques and skills from professionals to understand the concepts home based business in order to start a prosperous career on your own. We at Craft Tree Academy not only train you about the latest techniques and skills to setup your own vocation involving home based products and services by conducting high impact courses and classes such as soap making classes, chocolate making classes, candle making classes including gift packing workshops etc. instructed by highly experienced trainers, but also help you to start and establish a successful enterprise by giving details of who are involved in this business such as dealers, distributors and whole sellers of raw materials, packing materials etc.
Opportunities are knocking at your door, so don’t restrict yourself. Just follow the mantra of ‘conceive, believe and achieve‘ and turn your dreams into reality by enrolling yourself at Craft Tree Academy today and see yourself going places from here on.

our valuable


CRAFT TREE ACADEMY is driven by a strong team of professionals and provide training required for a successful venture. 

All courses are very informative and have a balance between theory and practical . class sizes are kept small for individual attention to ensure students attain professional expertise in a particular course. We have specialization in various courses provided by the topmost professionals. We provide hands on practice to our students where they make what they learn under the expert supervision of our instructors. We also provide detailed and practically tested recipes to students which contain all aspects of its making.



Our Past Achievements

International Beauty Expo 2019

International Beauty & Spa Expo 2019 was the leading experts related to spa, beauty and fashion accessories industry. International Beauty & Spa Expo 2019 was held on 06-07 May 2019 in New Delhi, Pragati Maidan, India. 

Seminar With Khadi & Village Industries Commission

Detergent Making at Khadi & Village Industries Commission where lots of students came to learn about how to make detergent.That seminar was very great lots of students were there.

NBT(Nav Bharat Times) WORKSHOPS

Every Month with Nav Bharat Times we organize workshops on our courses topics like soap making, chocolate making, candle making, etc.

What's Students Say?

Thousands of students are already taking classes in CRAFT TREE ACADEMY it’s time for you to get enrolled. 

craft tree academy reviews

I can’t thank more to Craft Tree Academy. You’re the best academy to learn lifelong skills which help anyone to become what they always dream about.



craft tree academy reviews

I am highly thankful to Craft Tree Academy for their guidance which helped me to establish my own candle making a business from home.



craft tree academy reviews

Thank you Nisha ma’am for your valuable feedback and teaching which helped me to become an expert in Gift Packaging which is my full-time occupation now.



craft tree academy reviews

It was first and best experience for soap making with NISHA D n AASHA Di…Going with lots of new ideas and business plans as per guided and will come again for new courses…Thanks a lot!

Rinkou Aggarwal


craft tree academy reviews

Got great experience with Craft Tree Academy, The best thing about here is friendly and individual attention for the students so that they can learn the actual concept of art and craft… We have made many products like- soap, cosmetic products etc without any harmful effect… all the products are safe for personal use.



craft tree academy reviews

Thank you so much Craft Tree Academy. You all have been so helpful to me. Joining this academy is a New beginning for me. The only thing that multiplies when shared is knowledge so keep sharing your knowledge and let the world know the product of Craft Academy. Thank you once again Nisha, Asha and Shovika… Wishing you all success in the future as well.

Mimi Kanai


Why Us?

Craft Tree Academy is a revolutionary institute with lots to offer. There are many factors that make us special. Here you can do a variety of courses under one single roof. The melange of courses which you find here is a rarity. We believe in honing your skills to that level of perfection in which you can flourish while we take a backseat. We support you throughout your journey from being an amateur to becoming a professional.

We believe in upgrading ourselves to keep up with the latest techniques and fads. We keep on innovating and re-inventing ourselves taking along our new as well as old students with us. With us guiding you start BELIEVING in yourselves that you can not only CONCEIVE an idea but also ACHIEVE success in your chosen field.

We work hard to prepare every student for their professional life

The trainees at CRAFT TREE ACADEMY are veterans and experienced in the areas. They impart the training to the students with the proper attention and dedication; sharing with them everything that they know. They ensure that each and every student of ours has an enriching and fulfilling experience. Our belief in hands-on practice makes sure that the students work under the guidance of our trainers.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, our one on one practical training programs help you to make your own products two start your own business with lowest investment.

Yes, our unique secret of cosmetic formulation step by step process knowledge will help you to innovate your own recipes.

Yes, We teach Aromatheraphy you will learn how to create your own therapeutic blend and use according to their benefits in your products.

If you are a beginner you can start with our professional training program. Further you can meet our professional consultant who will guide you which course suits you best as per your interest which you can start your own business in future.

Yes at Craft Tree Academy have to keep up to up-to-date information about latest technologies & up-to-date course materials annually.

Of Course, whatever the product you made at class you can take back home with you.


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