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Course Details

Minimum no. of people : 1

Education required : none

Age & Gender : anyone can do this course

Convertible into Business : yes

Scalable & profitable: yes


Knowledge about different types of chocolates

Acquainting yourself with chocolate making material

Introduction to chocolate making essence

Know how of essence which won’t change the texture of your chocolates

Knowledge about the technical terms used in chocolate making

Correct temperatures while making chocolates

Professional Chocolate Making Course

Professional Chocolate Making Course Online

The consumption of chocolate has increased in the last few years due to its demand on various occasions like marriage anniversaries, birthday parties, Valentine's Day, and providing special treatment to near and dear ones. It is the best gifting item and due to the health benefit and the trend of gifting it is increasing. With the demand of modern time to earn an extra income, people are looking for some additional work and business that can be operated easily from the comfort of home.

  1. molded plain, flavored chocolate, dry fruit chocolate, crunchy chocolate bar, butterscotch chocolate, filling filled chocolate, orange n raisin chocolate, almond chocolate, cashew chocolate
  2. Practical demonstration of making different fillings like caramel making, variety of ganache, marzipan fillings knowledge for different flavors
  3.  Dipped chocolates making like choco biscuit, chocolate pie, coconut bounty, peanut dow, caramelized nuts, cashew cluster, chocolate pizza
  4. Designer chocolate biscuit
  5. Arabian Chocolate- Caramelized dates, Marzipan Dates, Truffle Dates, Cashew Dates, Roasted Almond dates
  6. Truffles Flavoured Like Orange, Coffee, Butterscotch, Vanilla
  7.  Costing of chocolate
  8. Professional Chocolate Packing

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