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Course Details

Minimum no. of people : 1

Education required : none

Age & Gender : anyone can do this course

Convertible into Business : yes

Scalable & profitable: yes


Acquainting yourself with cosmetic grade colors

Intro to skin safe fragrances

Difference between cosmetic colors and food colors

Knowledge about herbal ingredients

Difference between essence & perfume & essential oil

Using of skin care equipment

Face Wash ,Hand Wash ,Bath Gel

Nowadays with so much of pollution and our hectic lifestyle people arfe becoming more and ...

Hair Serum ,Face Serum

Hair serum is the form of liquid that helps in stimulation of the scalp. Hair serum is sor...

Shampoo Making Course ,Conditioner Making Course

Shampoo and conditioner is a huge market with great potential for herbal and organic produ...

Cream Making Course

Cream making is a highly innovative and advanced course in which we not only train our stu...

Lotion Making Course

Once you learn how to make your own lotion you will never want to use anything else!Have y...

Body Butters Making Course

The beauty of making your own skin care moisturizers is that you get to hand pick the fine...

Face Pack Making Course

Unleash your creativity and play with a wide variety of exciting ingredients. Blend clays,...

Scrub And Polisher Making Course

Body scrubs are a great way to exfoliate and moisturize your skin so as to make your skin ...

Gel Making Course

Designing and making your own range of skin care cosmetics ; especially gels can be fascin...


Skin Care & Cosmetics Products Making Workshop In Delhi


Now become your own beautician. Craft Tree Academy is one of the best academies in Delhi for skin care and cosmetics products making workshop


Skin Care & Cosmetics Products Making Classes In Delhi


Craft Tree Academy provides a theoretical and practical explanation of each class of skin care and cosmetics products making classes.  


Skin Care & Cosmetics Products Making Workshop


Skin is one of the sensitive parts of the body. Big brands skin care products are so costly not all can afford and sometimes some skin product does not get suitable for our skin tone. So now make your own skin care product that suits you and at a low cost. By joining Delhi's best academy for skin care & cosmetics products making classes.


Skin Care & Cosmetics Products Making Classes By Craft Tree Academy


  1. Face Wash, Hand Wash, Bath Gel
  2. Hair Serum, Face Serum
  3. Shampoo Making Course, Conditioner Making Course
  4. Cream Making Course
  5. Lotion Making Course
  6. Baby Butters Making Course
  7. Face Pack Making Course
  8. Scrub And Polisher Making Course
  9. Gel Making Course